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Genre:Global Fusion
Description:If you thought that the most progressive Nu Brazilian music was still being hatched in the soundlabs of Sao Paulo, guess again, because one of the best new Brazilian records to come around this year is actually from Austria//(Tom Pryor, Global Rhythm, USA) Brilliant album (Luigi Lauer/WDR, D), theatrical, sensitive and daring (Saskia Bender/nps/NL),rebellious Célia Mara mixes up Brazilian Diaspora music ( Suzanne Cords, folker/D,)I think it is a winner(DJ Skunk, Nick Skelton, Club global, UK),Fresh, punky, eclectic and sensual (Damian Rafferty, fly/UK), stroke of genius (Anna-Bianca Krause, Funkhaus Europa, D),migration - think about hybridity(Dorothée Frank, Ö1/A), a modern, urban music (Joshi Kneihs, ö1, A), full package of Brazilian power music(Heike Kappes, Jazzzeit, A) ... see more on our website:
Contributor:celia mararole: Artist
Contributor:célia mara,frankie valentine, michael pogo kreinerrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
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is referenced by:http://www.celia-mara.nettitle: website
Coverage-spatial:Südamerika/BrasilienVocabulary: dmGeography

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