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Identifier:669910006887role: UPC
Title:The Golden Cow Collection
Description:Limited edition Ep release for Melbourne Rock band Horsehead, was limited to 1000 only pressed copies and now available only in digital format.
Contributor:Stubble Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Horseheadrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:25:29Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Crinklesnavigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700026
Has Part:2 Golden Cownavigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700027
Has Part:3 Capital Hnavigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700028
Has Part:4 What Level?navigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700029
Has Part:5 Second Time Aroundnavigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700030
Has Part:6 All My Wavesnavigate: STUBB/AUQZ09700031
Has Sample: image
Rights:1997 Stubble Records

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