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Title:Talking Drums
Contributor:Reinhard Flatischlerrole: Performer
Contributor:Aja Addyrole: Performer
Contributor:Dudu Tuccirole: Performer
Contributor:Wolfgang Puschnig [Fl]role: Performer
Contributor:Kim Duk Soo [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Lee Kwang Soo [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Choi Jong Sil [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Kang Min Seok [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Oti Köhlerrole: Performer
Contributor:Andi Gerberrole: Performer
Contributor:Thomas Weißrole: Performer
Contributor:Reinhard Flatischler [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Reinhard Flatischler [Ges]role: Creator
Contributor:SamulNorirole: Performer
Contributor:Megadrums Percussion Ensemblerole: Performer
Date:20th century CE/1980sVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:Track
is part of:Coreananavigate: KKA/MED000036427

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