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Identifier:Platte 1822; Aufnahme 3824; Seite 2
Identifier:Grammophon 62648role: Order number
Identifier:549role: Matrix number
Title:Solveighs Lied
Performance Setting:GesangVocabulary: dmsvPerformanceSetting
Contributor:Orchester; Manfred Gurlittrole: Conductor
Contributor:Felicie Hüni-Mihacsek (Gesang)
Contributor:Grieg Edvardrole: Composer
Contributor:Grammophonrole: Record Label
Format:Grammophon-Schallplatte/78 UPM SchallplatteVocabulary: dmFormats
Source:Peer Gynt (Oper)
Relation:Aufnahme 3823navigate: GHT:001/00P1822A3823
Has Sample: image
Has Sample:role: audio
title: Solveighs Lied

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