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Identifier:669910236666role: UPC
Title:Latin Dance Fever
Description:Hours of Latin Dance, 16 tracks on 2 CD's.
Contributor:Dance Plant Records Inc.role: Record Label
Contributor:Fussy Cussy (JR)role: Artist
Entity Type:Takedown
Extent:01:16:00Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 Con Fuegonavigate: DPLR/USA560571289
Has Part:1.2 Mia Amournavigate: DPLR/USA560571290
Has Part:1.3 Waiting For Younavigate: DPLR/USA560571291
Has Part:1.4 Gipsy Loversnavigate: DPLR/USA560571292
Has Part:1.5 East Side Salsanavigate: DPLR/USA560571293
Has Part:1.6 A Woman Like Younavigate: DPLR/USA560571294
Has Part:1.7 Latino Loversnavigate: DPLR/USA560571295
Has Part:1.8 Night In Condadonavigate: DPLR/USA560571296
Has Part:2.1 Spanish Hustle 2navigate: DPLR/USA560571297
Has Part:2.2 Latin Loversnavigate: DPLR/USA560571298
Has Part:2.3 Sunflowersnavigate: DPLR/USA560571299
Has Part:2.4 Flamingo Dancenavigate: DPLR/USA560571300
Has Part:2.5 70's Shufflenavigate: DPLR/USA560571301
Has Part:2.6 Carnavalnavigate: DPLR/USA560571302
Has Part:2.7 O'Ya Younavigate: DPLR/USA560571303
Has Part:2.8 Time Goes Bynavigate: DPLR/USA560571304
Has Sample: image
Rights:2005 Dance Plant Records Inc.

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