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Identifier:884385826901role: UPC
Title:Pyoutim: Poèmes Juifs Traditionnels Du Monde Entier
Contributor:Blue Saphirrole: Record Label
Contributor:Ora Sittner, Youval Micenmacherrole: Artist
Contributor:Ora Sittner (Release Artist)
Contributor:Youval Micenmacher (Release Artist)
Contributor:Anonymous (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:49:52Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Ygdal Elohim H'Aï (Origine Ashkenaz Leoni)navigate: BLSA/FR48T0507501
Has Part:2 Adon Olamnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507502
Has Part:3 Premier Jour, Solonavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507503
Has Part:4 Leh'A Dodi Likrat Kalanavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507504
Has Part:5 Dror Ikranavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507505
Has Part:6 Dror Ikranavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507506
Has Part:7 Leh'A Dodinavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507507
Has Part:8 Deuxième Jour, Solonavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507508
Has Part:9 Adon Olamnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507509
Has Part:10 Troisième Jour, Solonavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507510
Has Part:11 Ana Hala Dodeh' Guil Aldemanavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507511
Has Part:12 Eloheï Oznavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507512
Has Part:13 Echet Haïlnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507513
Has Part:14 Adonaï Roï Lo Eh'Çarnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507514
Has Part:15 Quatrième Jour, Solonavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507515
Has Part:16 Mataï Hayomnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507516
Has Part:17 Rouah' Sessoninavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507517
Has Part:18 Cinquième Jour, Solonavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507518
Has Part:19 Ana Ava Babanotnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507519
Has Part:20 Dodi Dodi + Al Tirouninavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507520
Has Part:21 Iti Milevanonnavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507521
Has Part:22 Aahavat Hadassanavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507522
Has Part:23 Ani Tsaménavigate: BLSA/FR48T0507523
Has Sample: image
Rights:2007 Blue Saphir

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