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Identifier:884385871512role: UPC
Title:The Best Ever Collection Of Irish Pub Songs - Volume 1
Contributor:Arran Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Various Artistsrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:08:44Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 The Fields Of Athenrynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905174
Has Part:2 The Sick Notenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905175
Has Part:3 Dublin In The Rare Auld Timesnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905176
Has Part:4 The Green Fields Of Francenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905177
Has Part:5 The Cliffs Of Dooneennavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905178
Has Part:6 Gracenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905179
Has Part:7 Carrickfergusnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905180
Has Part:8 The Wild Rovernavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905181
Has Part:9 Spancil Hillnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905182
Has Part:10 Flight Of The Earlsnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905183
Has Part:11 John O'Dreamsnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905184
Has Part:12 Johnston's Motor Carnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905185
Has Part:13 The Galway Racesnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905186
Has Part:14 The Crack Was Ninetynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905187
Has Part:15 Wild Colonial Boynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905188
Has Part:16 The Black Velvet Bandnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905189
Has Part:17 Belfast Millnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905190
Has Part:18 The Rose Of Allendalenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905191
Has Part:19 Mursheen Durkinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905192
Has Part:20 A Nation Once Againnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905193
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 IML Irish Music Licensing Ltd

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