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Title:Curse Upon Iron
Description:What happens when Estonian ethnic metal band Metsatöll, internationally acclaimed composer Veljo Tormis (ECM and Alba Records) and Grammy awarded Estonian National Male Choir get together? That becomes "Curse Upon Iron" - a massive live spectacle as well as an album & DVD. CURSE UPON IRON is undoubtedly one of the better known works in Estonian choral music. Already in it's original form, it contains all the primary characteristics of this particular project: shamanic chants, rhymes borrowed from Kalevala, the primeval power of runo-singing. To this we add some increasingly popular ethno-rockers and the 54 trained voices of the Grammy Awarded only full-time professional male choir in the world. The works of the world-renowned composer emeritus Veljo Tormis and those of Metsatöll are manipulated without prejudice by Tauno Aints, whose background is revealed by the names of his bands - Speculative Rokenroll Band and Genialisted. However, the young man also has a cum laude in the field of composition, so both sides of the music are treated equally and are fused into a whole. Metsatöll becomes grand choral music, Veljo Tormis turns into rock.
Contributor:Westpark Musicrole: Record Label
Contributor:Westpark Musicrole: Publisher
Contributor:Metsatöllrole: Artist
Contributor:Metsatollrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Medium:DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc)
Source:Westpark Music
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