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Description:The extraordinary urban atmosphere of Tangier is the wellspring from which violinist and composer Jamal Ouassini, who was born and raised in the city, has drawn his inspiration to create this new musical ensemble, the Tangeri Café Orchestra. The Tangeri Café Orchestra takes its name from the Kahwa Tanja, the café of the same name, which in the 1970s was a favourite meeting place for musicians in Tangier. The orchestra comprises musicians from very different backgrounds - Moroccan, Spanish and Italian. Taking Arabic and flamenco rhythms and melodies as their musical point of departure and keeping strictly to acoustic instruments, the ensemble has created a compositional style of its own. The music of the Tangeri Café Orchestra can be described as gazing across the sea. It is a musical fusion with deep traditional roots in different historical and cultural heritages, yet one that weaves new sounds and new rhythms out of the dialogue between those different musical languages. The Tangeri Café Orchestra has performed to great critical and public acclaim at major festivals in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Among the events in which it has taken part in Italy are the Mantova Literary Festival, where it was introduced by Tahar Ben Jelloun and Khaled Fouad Allam, keen promoters and supporters of this new Mediterranean Orchestra.
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Source:Tangeri Cafè Orchestra
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