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Description:The band started when Iara Rennó and Andreia Dias met each other, who, as singers and composers, had the need to create an original and collective musical movement, uniting different creative personalities. Without getting stuck in a defined and definite style, DonaZica weaves its sonority, combining heavy rhythms, multiple harmonies and well done arrangements, to give texture and form to a poetic work: from mpb pop to punk rock. In December 2005, the band released its second CD, Filme Brasileiro, part of the CD7 project on the ELO Music label, with an excellent repercussion in the national media and articles in the newspapers Folha de Sao Paulo, O Estado de Sao Paulo, Jornal do Brasil, among others. Band Members: Iara Rennó (acoustic guitar and voice); Andréia Dias (cuíca, percussion and voice); Anelis Assumpção (percussion and voice); Gustavo Ruiz (seven string guitar and guitar); Gustavo Souza (drums and percussion), Mariá Portugal (percussion and drums); André Bedurê (bass); Simone Julian (sax, flutes, clarinet and vocal); Gui Mendonça (trumpet and fluguel); Marcelo Monteiro (flute, tenor and baritone sax).
Contributor:Scubidu Prods. / Scubidu Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Scubidu Prods. / Scubidu Recordsrole: Publisher
Contributor:DonaZicarole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Source:Scubidu Prods. / Scubidu Records
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title: Pegadas
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title: Leve
Coverage-spatial:Südamerika/BrasilienVocabulary: dmGeography

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