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Title:En Buenas Manos
Description:EN BUENAS MANOS the new reggae experience of JAH NATTOH ON SALE IN MARCH 2009 “EN BUENAS MANOS”, first JAH NATTOH official release, means a step forward for spanish reggae productions. Under soul, r&b, flamenco, dancehall and hiphop influences, and the look of the present moment, "EN BUENAS MANOS" displays a bright musical production which dresses up the emotions of this new voice, with social consciousness and rastafarian confession. Original riddims and compositions set up by Genís “Genious” Trani, are the perfect complements for the optimal development of JAH NATTOH vocal skills. The CD, has the exceptional vocal contribution of international artists LUTAN FYAH, LYRICSON and local BOCER. JAH NATTOH, born in Barcelona (Spain), an intelligent troubadour of this 21st century. His sharpened lyrics, reach straight the heart of the Beast, wrapped up in sweet melodies, dressed up with the best riddims, uplifting the conscience of whom listens to them, without giving in to the discouragement in which the system wants us to be sank. After three selfpublished demos ("La Primera", "Este Es El Tiempo" and "R en Tu Vida") and songs for compilations like "Voces Conscientes" and "Reggae Español - vol.1", from the first lyrics -influenced by Panama and Jamaica reggae- until today, a long way has been covered in bands like NORTE AFRICA and ARRAIGO, alongside many Spanish soundsystems like ONE BLOOD, around different reggae stages reaching Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Costa Rica, and being part of line up with BERES HAMMOND and GINJAH (Foundation Festival Reggae, 2005), ISRAEL VIBRATION (Sala Razzmatazz, 2005), EL ROOKIE from Panamá (La Paloma, 2005), LYRICSON, DAARA J, CHRONICLE, SHINEHEAD, RAS MICHAEL, FIDEL NADAL, BERES HAMMOND, GINJAH, ISRAEL VIBRATION, amongst others. His first official release "EN BUENAS MANOS" (2009, Reggaeland), is a new stage, loaded of good vibration, trying to bring Spanish reggae music to a different level, with an accurate production that tries to give place to sound nuances as different as hiphop, r&b, flamenco or pop. Discography "Reggaeland Sampler" (Reggaeland 2007) “En Buenas Manos” (Reggaeland / Nuevos Medios, 2009) / / / Track Listing 01- “Emperador” 02- “Aprendiendo a Cantar” 03- “Confusión” 04- “Cosas de la Vida” 05- “Hasta Cuando” 06- “Maleante” 07- “Recapacita” con Lutan Fyah* 08- “Pobreza” con Bocer 09- “A Esa Mujer” 10- “Volverte a Ver” 11- “Enseña Amor” con Lyricson* 12- “Levanta la Moral” 13- “Jahovia” 14- “Aprendiendo Dub” 15- “A Ese Dub” Lyrics: J. Sánchez León // Music: Genís Trani 60´38 min. Distribution: Orchard and Nuevos Medios Editorial & Management: Reggaeland / +34 649 118 158 /
Contributor:Jah Nattohrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Medium:audio file
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