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Title:Jalilah´s Raks Sharki 5 - Stars of Casino Opera
Genre:Raks sharki
Description:Lights! Camera! Action! Dance! In the golden era of Egyptian cinema, no film was complete without at least one lavish oriental dance scene. Two of the brightest stars in the Egyptian film firmament were Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca, who brought their renowned choreography from the Cairo clubs to the silver screen. This album, recorded in Beirut, features some of their most famous set-pieces, recapturing the atmosphere of Cairo’s most legendary night-club, “Casino Opera” – the place to be in the swinging 1930’s!
Contributor:Piranha Musikrole: Record Label
Contributor:Piranha Musikrole: Publisher
Contributor:Jalilahrole: Artist
Date-issued:20. Jahrhundert/Neunziger Jahre des 20. JahrhundertsVocabulary: dmEras
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Medium:audio file
Source:Piranha Musik
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is referenced by:http://www.piranha.detitle: Label
Has Sample:role: audio
title: Tahia's Dance
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title: Samia's Dance
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title: Nebtiti Minin El Hikiya
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title: Jalilah´s Raks Sharki 5 - Stars of Casino Opera
Coverage-spatial:Asien/Westasien/LibanonVocabulary: dmGeography

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