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Genre:Contemporary modal
Description:Arenaria Arenaria (sandstone) is the last CD of Mario Crispi, archaic wind instruments player and founder of the band Agricantus (famous band of italian world music). The CD is a poetic work on Sicily (island where Mario Crispi was born and where he still lives) and Sicily is a source of inspiration, musical instrument, a metaphor for cultural crossroads. The CD in fact has been recorded with a mobile studio in several places of Sicily. These places have very interesting acoustic characteristics (reverbs and echos): the Grottoes of Gurfah, or the "Prince's Tomb" at Sant'Angelo Muxaro (neolithic settlements dug into the rock of sandstone), or the building of fish market at Palermo. The musical concept of Arenaria develops with a musical style that uses techniques and sounds from the oral deep sicilian traditions. In the various tracks emerging similarities and differences of the cultures of the island. These musical signs are mixed with other music styles. Moreover, the main feature of Mario Crispi is to travel around the world, to meet many musicians, stories and atmospheres, and to make important musical experiences, developing concepts and musical compositions in close connection with the settlement, the interaction with musical languages of other peoples and other ethnic groups. Playlist 01. Cala (ore 4.12') 02. Andatura 03. Gurfah 04. Cannitu 05. Putiri 06. Tholos 07. Focu 08. Carrittera 09. Cuntu ri guerra 10. FolkaLab 07-02-08 (ouverture) 11. Iccari 12. Scuru 13. Gurfah (Danilo Rispoli Remix) Artists Mario Crispi voice, duduk, flute with modified mouthpiece, maui xaphoon, seljefløyte, quartara, persian ney, arghoul, sikus, whirlies, roumenian caval, djdjeridoo, friscalettu long'a mmatula, marranzanu, santur, frames drums, human beat box, compositions, texts, arrangements, editing. In this cd Mario Crispi meets other sicilian musicians, nomads of the world like him. They have supported the sound and the poetry of “Arenaria”: Maurizio Curcio stick bass & bass lines contributions (1-4-8-10) Massimo Laguardia frame drums (1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10) Giuseppe Lomeo acoustic, electric and bow guitars, (1-2-3-4-6-7-8-13), melodic contributions (3-6-7-8-13) Enzo Rao violin (1-3-4-5-7-13), melodic contributions (1-3-7-13) special guests Salvatore Bonafede piano improvvisations (8-9-10), Francesco Calabria live insert radio internet (2), Sergio Laviola classical guitar (6-7) Rajaz insert dub &programming (2) Gli Archi Ensemble strings orchestra (4): Domenico Marco, Salvatore Tuzzolino, Fabio Catalano, Domenico Pirrone, Vincenzo Cesare, Alberto Franchin, violins Vincenzo Schembri, Giuseppe Brunetto, violas Giorgio Gasbarro, Francesco Pusateri, cellos Recorded in Sicily between 2007 summer and 2008 summer at: Grotte della Gurfa (Alia) Tomba del Principe (Sant'Angelo Muxaro) Mercato Ittico (Palermo) Palazzo Mineo – torre sud ovest (Palermo) Alcara Li Fusi (Messina) Calamonaci (Agrigento) Cinisi (Palermo) Monreale (Palermo) I Candelai (Palermo) recordings, editings and mixing Mario Crispi composition, texts and arrangements Mario Crispi produced by Mario Crispi coordination of production Antonello Oliva a production by Suono Records - 2008 distribution EGEA cover Salvo Fundarotto photos Salvo Fundarotto, Cinzia Garofalo (CG) Mario Crispi (MC) desktop publishing MC mastering Cantoberon - Rome
Contributor:Mario Crispirole: Artist
Contributor:Mario Crispi, Enzo Rao, Massimo Laguardia, Maurizio Curcio, Giuseppe Lomeo, Salvatore Bonafederole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Medium:audio file
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title: Gurfah
Coverage-spatial:Europa/Südeuropa/ItalienVocabulary: dmGeography

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