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Title:After The Fact
Description:Sabahat Akkiraz has spent her life excavating the vast Anatolian musical landscape for melodies and folkloric tales to “expose the wealth of Anatolian culture” to the world. Akkiraz’s own journey led her to Orient Expressions and traveling together they set off on “a journey into the unknown where electronic music meets the East” and out of these adventures they created “After The Fact” ... Orient Expressions provide the musical foundation for trained vocalist Akkiraz by weaving traditional Anatolian music over an electronic, technologically enhanced base. While centuries-old melodies fused with modern music and technological capabilities serve as a portal for the listener to experience Anatolia’s rich cultural traditions, the “Türkü” (Turkish folk song) as a medium of expression, sheds light on different ways of experiencing joy and grief and enables a folk song first heard in an Anatolian village to be remade into a ballad that connects with the listener on a visceral level. Without overpowering the listener, the language created by the musicians invites the listener to escape to an enchanting enclave of the East on “After The Fact”, an experimental collaboration deeply rooted in the fertile musical soil of Anatolia...
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Publisher
Contributor:Orient Expressionsrole: Artist
Contributor:Sabahat Akkiraz-Cem Yildiz-Richard Hamer-Murat Uncuoglu-DJ Yakuza-Cebrail Kalin-Murat Toraman-Tarikrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Medium:MC (Music Cassette)
Source:Doublemoon Records
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