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Description:In their debut album, the Istanbul based trio combines electrophonic sensibilities with Turkish Folk/ Alevi song and instrumental forms to render a well-integrated sound that moves through polyharmonic, jazzy vibes with darbuka and traditional percussion-laden grooves. Divan is not about just sampling it in, as all the tracks, with the various vocalists and instrumentation, are recorded in vitro. The Turkish Folk/ Alevi influence of mysticism is much in evidence with a good number of tracks featuring female vocalists in both Turkish and Kurdish such as the Kurdish tune Dera Sor by Aynur Doðan and Duaz Imam by the international renowed folk artist Sabahat Akkiraz. It is expected that this album will excite interest both in Turkey and abroad with its new approach to an Anatolian-electro endeavour.
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Publisher
Contributor:Orient Expressionsrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Source:Doublemoon Records
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