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Title:Duble Oryantal
Description:Intrepid buccaneers and experimentalists Baba Zula continue to explore uncharted waters with this, their third album on Doublemoon. Mixed and mastered in the heart of mega-city Istanbul by legendary British dub producer Mad Professor, who also worked on their last outing Psyche-Belly Dance Music, Double Oriental is the culmination of years of fearless musical adventuring, and as usual there's a talented and eclectic supporting cast on board for a share of the bounty. Guest musicians include reggae legends Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Alexander Hacke - bassist with seminal German noise artists Einsturzende Neubauten and Crime and the City Solution, Canadian vocalist and regular collaborator Brenna MacCrimmon and three acclaimed artists who span the spectrum from traditional Turkish music (celebrated clarinetist Hüsnü Þenlendirici from Laço Tayfa) to Turkish rock and pop (Özkan Uður from MFÖ), and writer-painter-musician Mehmet Güreli. The very natural cross-breeding of reggae and oriental music takes well in Baba Zula's electronic treatments of traditional Turkish instruments, and with Double Oriental they have further developed the new genre they have named oriental dub.
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Doublemoon Recordsrole: Publisher
Contributor:Baba Zularole: Artist
Contributor:Mad Professorrole: Artist
Medium:CD (Compact Disc)
Source:Doublemoon Records
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