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Identifier:0630 12786 2
Subject:Muzyka rozrywkowa instrumentalna , syntezator , Wielka Brytania
Table Of Contents:Zawiera : 1. Voices. 2. Echoes. 3. Come to me. 4. P.S. 5. Ask the mountains. 6. Prelude. 7. Losing sleep (Still, my heart). Messages. 9. Dream in an open place.
Contributor:Vangelisrole: Creator
Contributor:composedrole: Creator
Contributor:arrangedrole: Creator
Contributor:produced and performed by Vangelisrole: Creator
Contributor:Warner Music/East Westrole: Publisher
Entity Type:Album
Format:CDVocabulary: dmFormats
Format:Pł. comp. (54:45)
Place:[?]role: publication

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