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Title:East of the sun, west of the moon
Subject:Rock , Norwegia
Subject:Muzyka rozrywkowa , zesp. wokal.-instr. , Norwegia
Table Of Contents:--- A: 1. Crying in the rain. 2. I call your name. 3. Slender frame. 4. East of the sun. 5. Sycamore leaves. --- B: 1. Early morning. 2. Waiting for her. 3. Cold river. 4. The way we talk. 5. Rolling thunder. 6. (Seemingly) Nonstop July
Contributor:[written by Pal Waaktaar]role: Creator
Contributor:A-Ha - [zesp. wokal.-instr.]role: Performer
Contributor:Pal Waaktaarrole: Creator
Contributor:DVCrole: Publisher
Format:taśma dźwiękowaVocabulary: dmFormats
Format:Kas. dĹşw., (45'48) , stereo
Language:angielskiVocabulary: dmLanguages
Place:[B.m.]role: publication

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