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Identifier:ISBN |0 19 433346 9
Title:Jingle bells and other songs
Subject:Piosenki dla dzieci
Subject:Utwory dla dzieci
Subject:Kolędy , Wielka Brytania
Subject:Muzyka rozrywkowa wokalna , Wielka Brytania
Subject:Język angielski , ćwiczenia i zadania
Table Of Contents:--- Strona A: 1. Old Macdonald had a farm. 2. Ten green bottles. 3. London's burning. 4. Little brown jug. 5. The animals went in two by two. 6. The muffin man. 7. One, two, three, four, five. 8. Baa baa black sheep. 9. Kumbaya. 10. This old man. --- Strona B: 1. This is the way. 2. Sammy Thumb. 3. If you're happy and you know it. 4. Hot cross buns. 5. I love sixpence. 6. Hickory dickory dock. 7. Pop goes the weasel. 8. She'll be coming round the montain. 9. The farmer's in his den. 10. One man went to mow. 11. I wish you a merry Christmas. 12. Jingle bells. 13. Silent night
Contributor:John Byrne and Anne Waughrole: Creator
Contributor:Oxford University Pressrole: Publisher
Date-issued:cop. 1982
Format:taśma dźwiękowaVocabulary: dmFormats
Format:Kas. dĹşw., (25'20) , stereo
Language:angielskiVocabulary: dmLanguages
Place:Oxfordrole: publication

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