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Identifier:11 0200-2311
Subject:Muzyka rozrywkowa instrumentalna , zesp. instr.
Subject:Muzyka rozrywkowa , zesp. wokal.-instr.
Table Of Contents:1. Walkin' After Midnight. 2. Wooden Horses / Moody. 3. Eighteen Wheeler / J. Brabec, M. ~5Cerny. 4. Highway to Somwhere / J. Brabec, M. Bukovi~5c. 5. Eight Days a Week / J. Lennon, Paul McCartney. 6. Missing Susan : instrumental / D., C., T. Moody. 7. Gentle On My Mind / John Hartford. 8. If It Ain't Love / C. Moody, Phil D. Ruff. 9. When Daddy Played The Fiddle / D. Moody. 10. Hey Good Looking / H. Williams. 11. I'm a Buyer. 12. One Big Honky Tonk / J. Brabec, M. Bukovi~5c
Contributor:The Moody Brothers with Ji~5ri Brabec & Country Beatrole: Creator
Contributor:Supraphonrole: Publisher
Entity Type:Album
Format:CDVocabulary: dmFormats
Format:Pł. comp. (39 min 48 sek) , ADD
Language:angielskiVocabulary: dmLanguages
Place:Praharole: publication

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