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Title:Weddings in Eastern Europe
Title-alternative:Sounds and Images of the past
Subject:Traditional Weddings
Genre:Folk MusicVocabulary: dmGenres
Performance Context:Sacred & Ritual
Description:In traditional cultures, the wedding was one of the most important and complex of all social ceremonies, with its own music repertoire. Although wedding ceremonies from Eastern Europe were essentially similar, local customs varied from region to region, as well as from country to country. Ceremonies and rituals reflected concerns with longevity, fertility, prosperity and happiness. Despite inevitable changes wrought by time, globalisation and industrialisation, remnants of earlier traditions of music and dance are still preserved in Eastern European wedding ceremonies until today.
Contributor:Polish Academy of Sciences Institute, ISPANrole: Collector
Contributor:Folk Music Archives at the Institute for Musicology, ZTIrole: Collector
Contributor:Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, LLTI role: Collector
Contributor:Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Scientific Research Centre, ZRCrole: Collector
dmOAP-Date-recorded~:dmEras:/20th century CEVocabulary: dmEras
Has Sample: multipart
Coverage-spatial:Europe/Eastern EuropeVocabulary: dmGeography
Coverage-temporal:20th century CEVocabulary: dmEras

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