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Identifier:VCD 0261:8role: Inventory number
Identifier:Caprice CAP 22026role: Production number
Title:Missisippi mood
Performance Setting:Trumpet / trombon / altsax / klarinett / tenorsax / barytonsax / piano / gitarr / kontrabas / trummor
Contributor:Norin, Carl-Henrikrole: Author
Contributor:Norin, Carl-Henrikrole: Composer
Contributor:Norin, Carl-Henrikrole: Arranger
Contributor:Ehrling, Thore / Ander, Rune / Törner, Gösta / Vernon, Georg / Oredsson, Sverre / Björling, John / Rönn, Ove / Blomquist, Curt / Norin, Carl-Henrik / Hjukström, Casper / Holm, Stig / Stiberg, Sven / Jederby, Thore / Baadh, Ufferole: Artist
Format:CDVocabulary: dmFormats
is part of:Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol.5 - Swedish Jazz 1943-47 - Jazzen anfaller
Coverage-spatial:Europa/Norra Europa/SverigeVocabulary: dmGeography

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