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Identifier:843436077112role: UPC
Title:20 Enduring Greats
Genre:Traditional Country
Contributor:Vanilla OMProle: Record Label
Contributor:Willie Nelsonrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:54:34Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Georgia On My Mindnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0834970
Has Part:2 I Just Don't Understandnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819854
Has Part:3 No Tomorrow In Sightnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819875
Has Part:4 So Much To Donavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819862
Has Part:5 Why Are You Picking On Menavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819872
Has Part:6 Things To Remembernavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819868
Has Part:7 On The Road Againnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0834975
Has Part:8 I'm Going To Lose A Lot Of Teardropsnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819882
Has Part:9 Blame It On The Timesnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819861
Has Part:10 Angel Flying Too Close To The Groundnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0834967
Has Part:11 Home Is Where You're Happynavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819871
Has Part:12 One Step Before Losing Younavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819869
Has Part:13 What A Way To Livenavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819891
Has Part:14 To All The Girls I've Loved Beforenavigate: VANI/GBQRF0834980
Has Part:15 Happiness Lives Next Doornavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819879
Has Part:16 I Can't Find The Timenavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819848
Has Part:17 Undo The Rightnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0819870
Has Part:18 Always On My Mindnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0834982
Has Part:19 I've Seen All The World I Care To Seenavigate: VANI/GBQRF0706188
Has Part:20 Jimmy's Ragnavigate: VANI/GBQRF0706199
Has Sample: image
Rights:2008 One Media Publishing

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