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Identifier:884385194376role: UPC
Title:Here Comes The Bride
Contributor:TUTMrole: Record Label
Contributor:The Hit Crewrole: Artist
Contributor:The Hit Crew (Release Artist)
Contributor:Johann Sebastian Bach (Release Artist)
Contributor:Pachabel (Release Artist)
Contributor:David Musial (Release Artist)
Contributor:Purchell (Release Artist)
Contributor:Richard Wagner (Release Artist)
Contributor:Ludwig Van Beethoven (Release Artist)
Contributor:Cesar Franck (Release Artist)
Contributor:Schubert (Release Artist)
Contributor:John Lee (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:51:43Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Air On The G Stringnavigate: TUTM/US85C0500088
Has Part:2 Sinfonia In F Minornavigate: TUTM/US85C0502378
Has Part:3 Air For Flutenavigate: TUTM/US85C0500087
Has Part:4 Canon In D Majornavigate: TUTM/US85C0500425
Has Part:5 Trumpet Voluntary In D Major (The Prince Of Denmark's March)navigate: TUTM/US85C0502749
Has Part:6 Trumpet Tunenavigate: TUTM/US85C0502748
Has Part:7 Here Comes The Bridenavigate: TUTM/US85C0501085
Has Part:8 Ode To Joynavigate: TUTM/US85C0503377
Has Part:9 Hornpipe In F Majornavigate: TUTM/US85C0501144
Has Part:10 Cantata No. 78, "Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring)navigate: TUTM/US85C0501452
Has Part:11 The Lord's Prayernavigate: TUTM/US85C0501677
Has Part:12 Panis Angelicusnavigate: TUTM/US85C0502058
Has Part:13 Ave Maria (Vocal)navigate: TUTM/US85C0500197
Has Part:14 Ave Maria (Instrumental)navigate: TUTM/US85C0805902
Has Part:15 Rondeaunavigate: TUTM/US85C0502233
Has Part:16 Toccatanavigate: TUTM/US85C0502711
Has Part:17 Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 In D Majornavigate: TUTM/US85C0500369
Has Part:18 Wedding March (From A Midsummer Night's Dream)navigate: TUTM/US85C0502870
Has Sample: image
Rights:2008 TUTM Entertainment

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