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Identifier:843436071707role: UPC
Title:Cosmic culture
Genre:Art/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Popular/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Folk Music/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Contributor:Tribb Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:DJ Mardokrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:49:24Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Indios culturenavigate: TRBB/ITF650900222
Has Part:2 Cosmic flutenavigate: TRBB/ITF650900223
Has Part:3 Smilenavigate: TRBB/ITF650900224
Has Part:4 Tribalismonavigate: TRBB/ITF650900225
Has Part:5 Tribal flutenavigate: TRBB/ITF650900226
Has Part:6 Cosmic indianismonavigate: TRBB/ITF650900227
Has Part:7 Afro Sensationnavigate: TRBB/ITF650900228
Has Part:8 Etrunavigate: TRBB/ITF650900229
Has Part:9 Delirionavigate: TRBB/ITF650900230
Has Part:10 Cosmic soundnavigate: TRBB/ITF650900231
Has Part:11 Afro teknavigate: TRBB/ITF650900232
Has Sample: image
Rights:2008 Y Records

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