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Title:The Beginning, Duke Ellington 1.
Table Of Contents:Immigration blues The Creeper New Orleans low down Song of the Cotton field Birmingham breakdown East St Louis Toodle-Oo Black and tan fantasy Red hot band Doin´ the frog Take it easy Jubilee stomp Black beauty Yellow dog blues Tishomingo blues
Contributor:Ellington, Dukerole: Artist
Contributor:Shapiro, Helenrole: Artist
Contributor:Miley, Bubberrole: Musician
Instrument: Trumpet
Contributor:Metcalf, Louisrole: Musician
Instrument: Trumpet
Contributor:Nanton, Joerole: Musician
Instrument: Trombone
Contributor:Hardwicke, Ottorole: Musician
Instrument: Altsaxofon
Contributor:Carney, Harryrole: Musician
Instrument: Barytonsaxofon
Contributor:Jackson, Rudyrole: Musician
Instrument: Tenorsax
Contributor:Ellington, Dukerole: Musician
Instrument: Piano
Contributor:Guy, Fredrole: Musician
Instrument: banjo
Contributor:Edwards, "Bass" Henryrole: Musician
Instrument: Bas
Contributor:Greer, Sonnyrole: Musician
Instrument: Trummor
Contributor:Braud, Wellmanrole: Musician
Instrument: Bas
Contributor:Whetsol, Arthurrole: Musician
Instrument: Trumpet
Contributor:Bigard, Barneyrole: Musician
Instrument: Klarinett
Contributor:Hodges, Johnnyrole: Musician
Instrument: Altsaxofon
Contributor:MCArole: Record Label
Date:1900-talet evt/1920-taletVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:Album

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