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Identifier:829410916189role: UPC
Title:Valses De Amor
Contributor:Tam-Tam Mediarole: Record Label
Contributor:Gran Orquesta Viena Harmony, Johann Strauss IIrole: Artist
Contributor:Johann Strauss II (Release Artist)
Contributor:Gran Orquesta Viena Harmony (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:10:54Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 El danubio azulnavigate: TAMT/ES7930209532
Has Part:1.2 Rosas del surnavigate: TAMT/ES7930209533
Has Part:1.3 El vals del emperadornavigate: TAMT/ES7930209534
Has Part:1.4 Las golondrinas de Austrianavigate: TAMT/ES7930209535
Has Part:1.5 Olas del Danubionavigate: TAMT/ES7930209536
Has Part:1.6 Come, bebe y sé feliznavigate: TAMT/ES7930209537
Has Part:1.7 Cuentos de los bosques de Vienanavigate: TAMT/ES7930209538
Has Part:1.8 Vida de artistanavigate: TAMT/ES7930209539
Has Part:1.9 Sangre vienesanavigate: TAMT/ES7930209540
Has Part:1.10 Vals del ensueñonavigate: TAMT/ES7930209541
Has Part:1.11 El bello narenta verdenavigate: TAMT/ES7930209542
Has Part:1.12 Harmonía celestenavigate: TAMT/ES7930209543
Has Part:2.1 Bombones de Vienanavigate: TAMT/ES7930209544
Has Part:2.2 Periódicos de la mañananavigate: TAMT/ES7930209545
Has Part:2.3 Vino, mujeres y cancionesnavigate: TAMT/ES7930209546
Has Part:2.4 El murciélagonavigate: TAMT/ES7930209547
Has Part:2.5 Sueños de primaveranavigate: TAMT/ES7930209548
Has Part:2.6 Paprika valsenavigate: TAMT/ES7930209549
Has Part:2.7 Aceleracionesnavigate: TAMT/ES7930209550
Has Part:2.8 El barón gitanonavigate: TAMT/ES7930209551
Has Part:2.9 Sonido de la esperanavigate: TAMT/ES7930209552
Has Part:2.10 Golondrinas de Austrianavigate: TAMT/ES7930209553
Has Part:2.11 Vals de las dinamidasnavigate: TAMT/ES7930209554
Has Part:2.12 La marcha Radetzkynavigate: TAMT/ES7930209555
Has Sample: image
Rights:2007 Tam-Tam Media

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