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Title:Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 8 / Swedish Jazz 1956-1959 / "Topsy theme"
Title-alternative:CDJ 0778
Title-alternative:Caprice CAP 22049: I-III
Description:Gåva av Caprice. Inspelad 1957-10-12
Contributor:Svensson, Gunnarrole: Composer
Contributor:Svensson, Gunnarrole: Arranger
Contributor:Arne Domnérus orkesterrole: Performer
Contributor:Wallin, Bengt-Arne tp, Domnérus, Arne as, Blomquist, Rolf ts,Falk, Rune bars, Svensson, Gunnar p, Riedel, Georg b, Johansen, Egil dr.role: Musician
Has Part:Topsy theme (Topsy turvy)
Place:Radioinspelning Köln 12 oktober 1957role: Recording

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