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Title:Miles from Duke
Title-alternative:CDJ 0415
Title-alternative:Phono Suecia PS CD 28
Contributor:Wallin, Bengt-Arnerole: Composer
Contributor:Wallin, Bengt-Arnerole: Arranger
Contributor:Wallin, Bengt-Arne - Landgren, Nilsrole: Performer
Contributor:Kohlin, Jan tr, Lövgren, Bertil tr, Bergalli, Gustavo tr, Lindgren, Lars flh, Landgren, Nils tb, Holmquist, Olle tb, Berggren, Sven tb, Larsson, Sven btb, Wickman, Putte cl, Andersson, Krister as, Hausler, Erik as ss, Bingert, Hector ts, Arktoft, Hans bars, Stenson, Bobo p, Eljas, Anders synth, Norberg, Johan elg, Walter, Teddy b, Östergren, Thomas elg, Gruvstedt, Lennart d, Landgren, Håkan percrole: Musician
Date-recorded:20th century CE/1980sVocabulary: dmEras
Has Part:Waermeland

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