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Bibliographic Citation:Moišė Hofmekleris, Danielius Dolskis, Danielius Pomerancas. Legendiniai mažosios scenos artistai, XX a. 3–4 deš. Kaunas. 1924–1938 m. įrašai iš Algirdo Motiekos rinkinių. Moishe Hofmekler, Daniel Dolski, Daniel Pomerantz. Legendary musicians of the little stage, 1920s–1930s Kaunas, Lithuania. Recordings of 1924–1938 from Algirdas Motieka collection. Semplice, 2009.
Title:Pamilau čigonę
Title-alternative:I Fell in Love with a Gypsy
Genre:PopularVocabulary: dmGenres
Performance Context:Entertainment & Recreation
Performance Setting:vocal & instrumental
Contributor:E.J. Wolfrole: Composer
Contributor:Daniel Pomerantz Orchestrarole: Performer
Contributor:Antanas Dvarionasrole: Performer
Date-recorded:20th century CE/1930sVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:track
Has Sample:role: audio
title: Pamilau čigonę
Has Sample: image
title: cover
Coverage:Kaunas, Lithuania
Coverage-spatial:Europe/Northern Europe/LithuaniaVocabulary: dmGeography

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