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Identifier:884385204488role: UPC
Title:Strauss: Don Quixote
Genre:Orchestral Music
Contributor:RLPO Liverole: Record Label
Contributor:Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Lynn Harrell, Gerard Schwarzrole: Artist
Contributor:Lynn Harrell (Release Artist)
Contributor:Richard Strauss (Release Artist)
Contributor:Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (Release Artist)
Contributor:Gerard Schwarz (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:41:38Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Introductionnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200025
Has Part:2 I. The Windmillsnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200026
Has Part:3 II. Battle With The Mighy Armies Of Alifanfaronnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200027
Has Part:4 III. Dialogue Between Knight And Servantnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200028
Has Part:5 IV. Unhappy Adventure With A Procession Of Penitentsnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200029
Has Part:6 V. Don Quixote's Vigil: Unbosoming To The Beloved Dulcineanavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200030
Has Part:7 VI. Meeting With A Country Lassnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200031
Has Part:8 VII. Flight Through The Airnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200032
Has Part:9 VIII. Luckless Journey In The Enchanted Boatnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200033
Has Part:10 IX. Contest With The Supposed Magiciannavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200034
Has Part:11 X. Duel With Knight Of The White Moonnavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200035
Has Part:12 Finale. Death Of Don Quixotenavigate: RLPO/GBDFC0200036
Has Sample: image
Rights:2003 Royal Liverpool Records

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