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Identifier:884385658885role: UPC
Genre:Art/OperaVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Popular/OperaVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Folk Music/OperaVocabulary: dmGenres
Contributor:Qualiton - Mytorole: Record Label
Contributor:Franco Corelli, Virginia Gordoni, Attilio D'Orazi, Orchestra e Coro Teatro Regio Di Parma & Giuseppe Morellirole: Artist
Contributor:Franco Corelli (Release Artist)
Contributor:Virginia Gordoni (Release Artist)
Contributor:Attilio D'Orazi (Release Artist)
Contributor:Giacomo Puccini (Release Artist)
Contributor:Orchestra e Coro Teatro Regio Di Parma (Release Artist)
Contributor:Giuseppe Morelli (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:02:06:55Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 Atto Primo: Ah!...Finalmente!...navigate: QUMY/USA560958979
Has Part:1.2 Atto Primo: E Sempre Lavanavigate: QUMY/USA560958980
Has Part:1.3 Atto Primo: Che Fai?navigate: QUMY/USA560958981
Has Part:1.4 Atto Primo: Recondita Armonianavigate: QUMY/USA560958982
Has Part:1.5 Atto Primo: Gente Là Dentro!!navigate: QUMY/USA560958983
Has Part:1.6 Atto Primo: Mario!...Son Qui!navigate: QUMY/USA560958984
Has Part:1.7 Atto Primo: Ora Stamii A Sentirnavigate: QUMY/USA560958985
Has Part:1.8 Atto Primo: Quale Occhio Al Mondonavigate: QUMY/USA560958986
Has Part:1.9 Atto Primo: E'buona La Mia Toscanavigate: QUMY/USA560958987
Has Part:1.10 Atto Primo: La Vita Mi Costassenavigate: QUMY/USA560958988
Has Part:1.11 Atto Primo: Sommo Giubilo, Eccellenza!navigate: QUMY/USA560958989
Has Part:1.12 Atto Primo: Un Tal Baccano In Chiesa!navigate: QUMY/USA560958990
Has Part:1.13 Atto Primo: Or Tutto È Chiaro…navigate: QUMY/USA560958991
Has Part:1.14 Atto Primo: Tre Sbirri…Una Carrozzanavigate: QUMY/USA560958992
Has Part:1.15 Announcementnavigate: QUMY/USA560958993
Has Part:1.16 Atto Secondo: Tosca È Un Buon Falco!navigate: QUMY/USA560958994
Has Part:1.17 Atto Secondo: Ella Verrà…Per Amore Del Suo Mario!navigate: QUMY/USA560958995
Has Part:1.18 Atto Secondo: O Galantuomo , Come Andò La Caccianavigate: QUMY/USA560958996
Has Part:1.19 Atto Secondo: Tale Violenza!navigate: QUMY/USA560958997
Has Part:1.20 Atto Secondo: Ed Or Fra Noi Parliam Danavigate: QUMY/USA560958998
Has Part:1.21 Atto Secondo: Orsù, Tosca, Parlatenavigate: QUMY/USA560958999
Has Part:1.22 Atto Secondo: Floria!...Amore…navigate: QUMY/USA560959000
Has Part:1.23 Atto Secondo: Vittoria! Vittoria!navigate: QUMY/USA560959001
Has Part:1.24 Atto Secondo: La Povera Mia Cena Fu Interrottanavigate: QUMY/USA560959002
Has Part:2.1 Atto Secondo: Vissi D'arte, Viddi D'amorenavigate: QUMY/USA560959003
Has Part:2.2 Atto Secondo: Vedi, Le Man Giuntenavigate: QUMY/USA560959004
Has Part:2.3 Atto Secondo: Tosca, Finalmente Mia!navigate: QUMY/USA560959005
Has Part:2.4 Atto Terzo: Lo De' Sospirinavigate: QUMY/USA560959006
Has Part:2.5 Atto Terzo: Mario Cavaradossi?...A Voi.navigate: QUMY/USA560959007
Has Part:2.6 Atto Terzo: E Lucevan Le Stellenavigate: QUMY/USA560959008
Has Part:2.7 Atto Terzo: Franchigia A Floria Toscanavigate: QUMY/USA560959009
Has Part:2.8 Atto Terzo: O Dolci Mani Mansuete E Purenavigate: QUMY/USA560959010
Has Part:2.9 Atto Terzo: Senti…L'ora È Vicinanavigate: QUMY/USA560959011
Has Part:2.10 Atto Terzo: Amaro Sol Per Te M'era Il Morirenavigate: QUMY/USA560959012
Has Part:2.11 Atto Terzo: E Non Giungono…navigate: QUMY/USA560959013
Has Part:2.12 Atto Terzo: Già Sorge Il Sole…navigate: QUMY/USA560959014
Has Part:2.13 Core'ngratonavigate: QUMY/USA560959015
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 Qualiton Imports Ltd.

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