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Identifier:884385658366role: UPC
Contributor:Qualiton - Fleur De Sonrole: Record Label
Contributor:The Red Cedar Triorole: Artist
Entity Type:Takedown
Extent:01:01:43Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Theme Set By Jan Bolandnavigate: QTR/USA370904180
Has Part:2 Jonathan Chenette "Reconfiguration"navigate: QTR/USA370904181
Has Part:3 Peter Hamlinnavigate: QTR/USA370904182
Has Part:4 Robert Lindsey Nassif "Solitude"navigate: QTR/USA370904183
Has Part:5 Michael Gilbertsonnavigate: QTR/USA370904184
Has Part:6 Lyle Dockendorff "Spillville Waltz"navigate: QTR/USA370904185
Has Part:7 Tracey Rush "Side Trip To Postville"navigate: QTR/USA370904186
Has Part:8 Lucas Gullickson "Facing West"navigate: QTR/USA370904187
Has Part:9 Michael Daugherty "Crystal"navigate: QTR/USA370904188
Has Part:10 Donald Chamberlainnavigate: QTR/USA370904189
Has Part:11 Peter Bloesch "Fugue"navigate: QTR/USA370904190
Has Part:12 Dan Knight "Images"navigate: QTR/USA370904191
Has Part:13 Harvey Sollberger "Dvorak And The Scarlet Tanager/His 'Damn Bird' "navigate: QTR/USA370904192
Has Part:14 Pat Smith "Spillville Blues"navigate: QTR/USA370904193
Has Part:15 Jerry Owen "Double Variation"navigate: QTR/USA370904194
Has Part:16 Czàrdàs: The Dancersnavigate: QTR/USA370904195
Has Part:17 Nota: The Loversnavigate: QTR/USA370904196
Has Part:18 Verbunkos: The Virtuososnavigate: QTR/USA370904197
Has Part:19 Fantasy on "Whither Little Path"navigate: QTR/USA370904198
Has Part:20 Serenade on "I Shall Buy A Black Horse"navigate: QTR/USA370904199
Has Part:21 Scherzo On "Bagpipes Playing The Villagenavigate: QTR/USA370904200
Has Part:22 March On "Pique," "The Musicians" and "The Beggar"navigate: QTR/USA370904201
Has Part:23 Humoresquenavigate: QTR/USA370904202
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 Qualiton Imports

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