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Identifier:885686060872role: UPC
Title:El Directo
Genre:Foreign Language Rock
Contributor:Locomotive Musicrole: Record Label
Contributor:Porretasrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:46:19Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 Antimilitarnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300058
Has Part:1.2 Si Bebes No Conduzcasnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300059
Has Part:1.3 Que Se Vayan A Hacer Punetasnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300060
Has Part:1.4 Si Lo Se Me Meonavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300061
Has Part:1.5 Mensajerosnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300062
Has Part:1.6 Dos Pulgas En Un Perronavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300063
Has Part:1.7 El Deudor Del Condado De Hortalezanavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300064
Has Part:1.8 La C.I.A.navigate: LOCOM/ES6880300065
Has Part:1.9 Joder Que Cruznavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300066
Has Part:1.10 Vive Y Deja Vivirnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300067
Has Part:1.11 Ahora Lo Llevamosnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300068
Has Part:1.12 Si Nos Dejaisnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300069
Has Part:1.13 Malditos Bastardosnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300070
Has Part:1.14 Doce Mandamientosnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300071
Has Part:1.15 Jodido Futuronavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300072
Has Part:2.1 El Baile De Los Sordosnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300073
Has Part:2.2 El Abuelonavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300074
Has Part:2.3 Hortalezanavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300075
Has Part:2.4 W.C.navigate: LOCOM/ES6880300076
Has Part:2.5 Si Los Curas Comieran Chinas Del Rionavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300077
Has Part:2.6 Ultima Generacionnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300078
Has Part:2.7 Palofumeke C.F.navigate: LOCOM/ES6880300079
Has Part:2.8 Aijo!navigate: LOCOM/ES6880300080
Has Part:2.9 Marihuananavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300081
Has Part:2.10 El Esparramaonavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300082
Has Part:2.11 La Del Futbolnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300083
Has Part:2.12 Popurrinavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300084
Has Part:2.13 Y Aun Arde Madridnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300085
Has Part:2.14 Porretasnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880300086
Has Sample: image
Rights:2003 Locomotive Music

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