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Identifier:885686059807role: UPC
Title:Secret Spheres of Art
Genre:Hard Rock
Contributor:Locomotive Musicrole: Record Label
Contributor:Alogiarole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:43:53Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Secret Spheresnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501445
Has Part:2 Journey Into The Dawn Of Lifenavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501446
Has Part:3 Politics Od Warnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501447
Has Part:4 Legend Of A Stolen Heartnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501448
Has Part:5 Falling Asleepnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501449
Has Part:6 Kontinuumnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501450
Has Part:7 Mystica Aegyptiorumnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501451
Has Part:8 Amonnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501452
Has Part:9 Beyond The Timenavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501453
Has Part:10 Lamentnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501454
Has Part:11 Astral Horizonsnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501455
Has Part:12 As The Time Passes Bynavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501456
Has Part:13 Overture Solemnisnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501457
Has Part:14 Samsonnavigate: LOCOM/ES6880501458
Has Sample: image
Rights:2004 Locomotive Music

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