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Title:La Cumparsita Single (Digital Only)
Description:They call this song theTango National Anthem, for it is the music that immediately comes to mind when an Argentine thinks “Tango”. Composed in 1916, La Cumparsita has ever since been a World favorite. Liliana Barrios has made a very personal, moving rendition of it accompanied by Argentine Rock legend: Carlos Cutaia, his son Ezequiel and Pipi Piazzolla (Astor’s grandson). You will be shaken by the powerful combination of Rock raw power and Tango deep texture of feeling. How did this single come about? After the success of their award winning album (Para la guerra del tango), the same team (Cutaia, Cutaia, Piazzolla and Barrios) decided to go on with a new project: recording the greatest tangos ever. Everybody agreed on La Cumparsita, and recorded it was. On the other themes the jury is still out. One could say this single is just the tip of the iceberg. Tango lovers of the world, keep tuned!
Contributor:Liliana Barriosrole: Record Label
Contributor:Liliana Barriosrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
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Source:The Orchard
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Has Part:1 La Cumparsitanavigate: LILBA/AR06A1610401
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Rights:2007 Liliana Barrios

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