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Identifier:885686082676role: UPC
Title:Sonatas De Paris
Genre:Classical Vocal
Genre:Keyboard Music
Contributor:Klassic Catrole: Record Label
Contributor:Mac McClure & Inès Moraledarole: Artist
Contributor:Mac McClure (Release Artist)
Contributor:Ines Moraleda (Release Artist)
Contributor:Joan Comellas (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:41:53Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Sonata De Paris L'entreenavigate: KLASC/USA371079675
Has Part:2 La Musettenavigate: KLASC/USA371079676
Has Part:3 La Liturgiquenavigate: KLASC/USA371079677
Has Part:4 L'espagnolenavigate: KLASC/USA371079678
Has Part:5 L'ecossaisenavigate: KLASC/USA371079679
Has Part:6 La Pastourellenavigate: KLASC/USA371079680
Has Part:7 A La Memoria d'Issac Albeniznavigate: KLASC/USA371079681
Has Part:8 A La Memoria De Claude Debussynavigate: KLASC/USA371079682
Has Part:9 La De Poco Pie: Hommage A Granadosnavigate: KLASC/USA371079683
Has Part:10 La Comitivanavigate: KLASC/USA371079684
Has Part:11 Si Fo Com L'aire Aixi De Viatgernavigate: KLASC/USA371079685
Has Part:12 Cirerer De Claustrenavigate: KLASC/USA371079686
Has Part:13 Voleu Un Pom De Violesnavigate: KLASC/USA371079687
Has Part:14 Cançónavigate: KLASC/USA371079688
Has Part:15 Endevinallanavigate: KLASC/USA371079689
Has Part:16 Si'm Levi De Bon Matinavigate: KLASC/USA371079690
Has Part:17 Cançó Del Piratanavigate: KLASC/USA371079691
Has Part:18 El Rei I La Reina Se'n Van A Passejarnavigate: KLASC/USA371079692
Has Part:19 Cargol Treu Banyanavigate: KLASC/USA371079693
Has Part:20 No Passareunavigate: KLASC/USA371079694
Has Part:21 Rossinyolnavigate: KLASC/USA371079695
Has Part:22 Cançó De La Noia Qu'es Gronxanavigate: KLASC/USA371079696
Has Part:23 Lo Que Valdrá Una Barra De Panavigate: KLASC/USA371079697
Has Part:24 La Bovila D'argilanavigate: KLASC/USA371079698
Has Part:25 Posta De Sol A La Cuitatnavigate: KLASC/USA371079699
Has Part:26 El Negre D'Arenys De Marnavigate: KLASC/USA371079700
Has Sample: image
Rights:2010 SIL - Spanish Independent Labels, S.L.

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