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Identifier:884385754488role: UPC
Title:Handel: SAUL (English Oratorio in three acts, performed according to the traditions of the time)
Genre:Classical Sacred
Genre:Classical Vocal
Contributor:K&K Verlagsanstaltrole: Record Label
Contributor:George Frideric Handelrole: Artist
Contributor:Nancy Argenta (Release Artist)
Contributor:Laurie Reviol (Release Artist)
Contributor:Michael Chance (Release Artist)
Contributor:Mark Le Brocq (Release Artist)
Contributor:Michael Berner (Release Artist)
Contributor:Stephen Varcoe (Release Artist)
Contributor:Steffen Balbach (Release Artist)
Contributor:Hannoversche Hofkapelle (Release Artist)
Contributor:Hanoverian Court Orchestra (Release Artist)
Contributor:Maulbronner Kammerchor (Release Artist)
Contributor:Maulbronn Chamber Choir (Release Artist)
Contributor:Juergen Budday (Release Artist)
Contributor:Jürgen Budday (Release Artist)
Contributor:Maulbronn Monastery Edition (Release Artist)
Contributor:George Frideric Handel (Release Artist)
Contributor:George Frederic Handel (Release Artist)
Contributor:Georg Friedrich Händel (Release Artist)
Contributor:Händel (Release Artist)
Contributor:Handel (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:02:37:15Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 Ouverture: Symphony (Allegro - Larghetto - Allegro)navigate: KKVA/USA560989113
Has Part:1.2 How Excellent Thy Name, O Lord (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989114
Has Part:1.3 An Infant Rais'd By Thy Command (Air Soprano)navigate: KKVA/USA560989115
Has Part:1.4 Along The Monster Atheist Strode (Chorus: Alto, Tenor, Basso)navigate: KKVA/USA560989116
Has Part:1.5 The Youth Inspir'd By Thee, O Lord (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989117
Has Part:1.6 How Excellent Thy Name, O Lord. Hallelujah (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989118
Has Part:1.7 He Comes (Michal) - O Godlike Youth (Air Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989119
Has Part:1.8 Behold, O King, The Brave, Victorious Youth (Recit. Abner, David, Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989120
Has Part:1.9 O King, Your Favours With Delight I Take (Air David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989121
Has Part:1.10 Oh, Early Piety! Oh, Modest Merit! (Jonathan) - What Abject Thoughts A Prince Can Have (Air Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989122
Has Part:1.11 Yet Think On Whom This Honour You Bestow (Merab) - Birth And Fortune I Despise! (Air Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989123
Has Part:1.12 Thou, Merab, First In Birth, Be First In Honour (Saul) - My Soul Rejects The Thought With Scorn (Air Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989124
Has Part:1.13 See, With What A Scornful Air - Ah, Lovely Youth, Wast Thou Design'd (Air Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989125
Has Part:1.14 Symphony (Andante Allegro) - Already See The Daughters Of The Land (Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989126
Has Part:1.15 Welcome, Welcome, Mighty King (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989127
Has Part:1.16 What Do I Hear? Am I Then Sunk So Low (Accomp. Saul) - David His Ten Thousands Slew (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989128
Has Part:1.17 To Him Ten Thousands, And To Me But Thousands - With Rage I Shall Burst His Praises To Hear (Accomp. & Air Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989129
Has Part:1.18 Imprudent Women (Jonathan) - 'Tis But His Old Disease, Which Thou Canst Cure (Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989130
Has Part:1.19 Fell Rage And Black Despair Possess'd (Air Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989131
Has Part:1.20 Racked With Infernal Pains (Abner) - O Lord, Whose Mercies Numberless (Air David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989132
Has Part:1.21 Symphony (Largo)navigate: KKVA/USA560989133
Has Part:1.22 'Tis All In Vain; His Fury Still Continues (Jonathan) - A Serpent, In My Bosom Warm'd (Air Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989134
Has Part:1.23 Has He Escap'd My Rage? (Saul) - Capricious Man, In Humour Lost (Air Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989135
Has Part:1.24 O Filial Piety! O Sacred Friendship! (Accomp. Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989136
Has Part:1.25 No, Cruel Father, No! I Must Defend Against The World My Best, My Dearest Friend (Air Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989137
Has Part:1.26 O Lord, Whose Providence Ever Wakes For Their Defence (Air High Priest)navigate: KKVA/USA560989138
Has Part:1.27 Preserve Him For The Glory Of Thy Name (Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989139
Has Part:1.28 Envy, Eldest Born Of Hell (Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989140
Has Part:1.29 Ah, Dearest Friend (Jonathan) - But Sooner Jordan's Stream, I Swear (Air Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989141
Has Part:2.1 My Father Comes: Retire, My Friend (Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989142
Has Part:2.2 Hast Thou Obey'd My Orders (Saul) - Sin Not, O King, Against The Youth (Air Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989143
Has Part:2.3 As Great Jehovah Lives (Air Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989144
Has Part:2.4 From Cities Stormed, And Battles Won (Air Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989145
Has Part:2.5 Appear, My Friend (Jonathan) - No More Imagine Danger (Saul) - Your Words, O King, My Loyal Heart (Air David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989146
Has Part:2.6 Yes, He Shall Wed My Daughter! But How Long Shall He Enjoy Her? (Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989147
Has Part:2.7 A Father's Will Has Authorized My Love (Michal) - O Fairest Of Ten Thousand Fair (Duet Michal & David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989148
Has Part:2.8 Is There A Man, Who All His Ways, Directs (Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989149
Has Part:2.9 Symphony (Largo - Allegro)navigate: KKVA/USA560989150
Has Part:2.10 Thy Father Is As Cruel (David) - At Persecution I Can Laugh (Duet David & Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989151
Has Part:2.11 Whom Dost Thou Seek? (Michal) - I Seek For David (Doeg) - No, No, Let The Guilty Tremble (Air Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989152
Has Part:2.12 Mean As He Was, He Is My Brother Now (Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989153
Has Part:2.13 Author Of Peace, Who Canst Control Every Passion Of The Soul (Air Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989154
Has Part:2.14 Symphony (Allegro)navigate: KKVA/USA560989155
Has Part:2.15 The Time At Length Is Come (Accomp. Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989156
Has Part:2.16 Where Is The Son Of Jesse? Comes He Not To Grace Our Feast? (Saul & Jonathan)navigate: KKVA/USA560989157
Has Part:2.17 Oh, Fatal Consequence Of Rage (Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989158
Has Part:2.18 Wretch That I Am, Of My Own Ruin Author! (Accomp. Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989159
Has Part:2.19 'Tis Said, Here Lives A Woman, Close Familiar With Th'enemy Of Mankind (Accomp. Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989160
Has Part:2.20 With Me What Would'st Thou? (Witch) - I Would, That By Thy Art Thou Bring Me Up The Man Whom I Shall Name (Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989161
Has Part:2.21 Infernal Spirits, By Whose Pow'r Departed Ghosts In Living Forms Appear (Air Witch)navigate: KKVA/USA560989162
Has Part:2.22 Why Hast Thou Forc'd Me From The Realms Of Peace - O Holy Prophet (Accomp. Samuel & Saul)navigate: KKVA/USA560989163
Has Part:2.23 Symphony (Allegro)navigate: KKVA/USA560989164
Has Part:2.24 Whence Comest Thou? - Out Of The Camp Of Israel (David & Amalekite)navigate: KKVA/USA560989165
Has Part:2.25 Impious Wretch, Of Race Accurst (Air David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989166
Has Part:2.26 Symphony: Dead March (Grave - Largo E Staccato)navigate: KKVA/USA560989167
Has Part:2.27 Mourn, Israel, Mourn Thy Beauty Lost (Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989168
Has Part:2.28 From This Unhappy Day No More, Ye Gilboan Hills, On You Descend Refreshing Rains Or Kindly Dew (Air Merab)navigate: KKVA/USA560989169
Has Part:2.29 Brave Jonathan His Bow Never Drew (Air David)navigate: KKVA/USA560989170
Has Part:2.30 Eagles Were Not So Swift As They (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989171
Has Part:2.31 In Sweetest Harmony They Lived (Air Michal)navigate: KKVA/USA560989172
Has Part:2.32 O Fatal Day! How Low The Mighty Lie! O Jonathan! (Solo David & Chorus)navigate: KKVA/USA560989173
Has Part:2.33 Ye Men Of Judah, Weep No More (High Priest)navigate: KKVA/USA560989174
Has Part:2.34 Gird On Thy Sword - Go On, Be Prosperous In Fight (Chorus Of Israelites)navigate: KKVA/USA560989175
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Rights:2002 Josef-Stefan Kindler and Andreas Otto Grimminger,

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