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Title:I Am Not Hiding
Contributor:Kenny Loggins [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Randy Jackson [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Nathan East [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Tony Levin [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Freddie Washington [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Steve Ferroni [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:Omar Hakim [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:Tristen Imboden [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:John Robinson (JR) [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:Vernon Black [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Earl Klugh [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Michael Landau [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Ray Jr. Parker [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Dean Parks [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Tim Pierce [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Fred Tackett [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Michael Thompson [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:John Barnes [Syn]role: Performer
Contributor:Walter Afanasieff [Tast]role: Performer
Contributor:Steve George [Tast]role: Performer
Contributor:Greg Phillingaines [Tast]role: Performer
Contributor:Dan Shea [Tast]role: Performer
Contributor:Zakir Hussainrole: Performer
Contributor:Munungo Jacksonrole: Performer
Contributor:Peter Michaelsrole: Performer
Contributor:Kevin Ricardrole: Performer
Contributor:Bill Sommerrole: Performer
Contributor:Everette Harp [Sax]role: Performer
Contributor:Joey Diggs [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Jimmy Gilstrap [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Sandy Griffith [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Philip Ingram [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Skyler Jett [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Konesha Owens [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Bobbi Page [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Claytoven Richardson [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Chris Rodriguez [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Howard Smith [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Jeanie Tracy [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Lamonte Van Hook [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Carvin Winansrole: Performer
Contributor:Kenny Loggins [Ges]role: Creator
Contributor:Chris Rodriguez [Ges]role: Creator
Contributor:Steve George [Ges]role: Creator
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