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Title:With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
Contributor:Dean Martin [Ges]role: Performer
Contributor:Dick Stable [Leiter]role: Performer
Contributor:Vincent Terri [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Norman V. Seelig [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Ray S. Toland [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:Louis Brown [Kl]role: Performer
Contributor:Armond Kaproff [Cello]role: Performer
Contributor:Elias Friede [Cello]role: Performer
Contributor:Helen Bliss [Harfe]role: Performer
Contributor:Louis Kievman [Viola]role: Performer
Contributor:Reuben Marcus [Viola]role: Performer
Contributor:John Augustine [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:Victor Bay [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:John Peter DeVoogt [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:Nicholas Pisani (Nick) [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:Joseph G. Quadri [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:Mischa Russell [Viol]role: Performer
Contributor:Mack Gordonrole: Creator
Contributor:Harry Revel [Kl]role: Creator
Contributor:Dick Stable And His Orchestrarole: Performer
Date:20th century CE/1950sVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:Track
is part of:Memories Are Made Of Thisnavigate: KKA/MED000047093

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