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Title:Waerst du besser tot geboren
Contributor:Hans Georg Berger [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Ludwig Boettger [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Claudia Bruehning [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Hans-Peter Cloos [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Peter Fischer [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Anita Von Ow [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Katja Rupé [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Margherita Scaturati [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Ronny Tanner [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Hoschi Tiessler [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Magdalena Thora [Stimme]role: Performer
Contributor:Ulla Ziemannrole: Performer
Contributor:Raymund Huber [Bass]role: Performer
Contributor:Moran Neumueller [Fl]role: Performer
Contributor:Uwe Ruediger [Schlz]role: Performer
Contributor:Markus Sing [Git]role: Performer
Contributor:Konstantin Weckerrole: Performer
Contributor:Rudolf Zoettlrole: Performer
Contributor:Rote Rueberole: Performer
Contributor:Rote Rueberole: Creator
Contributor:Konstantin Weckerrole: Creator
Contributor:Begleitgrupperole: Performer
Entity Type:Track
is part of:Kollektiv Rote Ruebe presents Lieder und Szenenausschnitte aus 'Bravo Bravo', 'Frauenpower' 'Terror'navigate: KKA/MED000026508

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