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Identifier:Promotion Disc ( - )role: Order number
Contributor:Promotion Discrole: Record Label
Contributor:Diverserole: Performer
Entity Type:album
Has Part:Teenage Sensationnavigate: KKA/TIT000868981
Has Part:I Want Younavigate: KKA/TIT000868982
Has Part:The Comfort Of My Earsnavigate: KKA/TIT000868983
Has Part:Sofdu Unga Astin Minnavigate: KKA/TIT000868984
Has Part:My Friend The Trampolinenavigate: KKA/TIT000868985
Has Part:Jetzt ist alles vorbeinavigate: KKA/TIT000868986
Has Part:Ladyshavenavigate: KKA/TIT000868987
Has Part:Murr Murrnavigate: KKA/TIT000868988
Has Part:Morar #2navigate: KKA/TIT000868989
Has Part:I'd Asknavigate: KKA/TIT000868990
Has Part:Dafnnavigate: KKA/TIT000868991
Has Part:Odi Et Amonavigate: KKA/TIT000868992
Has Part:Jolly Colanavigate: KKA/TIT000868993
Has Part:cough Of Lovenavigate: KKA/TIT000868994
Has Part:Hifi FMnavigate: KKA/TIT000868995
Has Part:Alltaf Einsnavigate: KKA/TIT000868996
Has Part:Stereo Rock & Rollnavigate: KKA/TIT000868997
Has Part:Morar #4navigate: KKA/TIT000868998
Has Part:On Our Timenavigate: KKA/TIT000868999
Has Part:Nanooknavigate: KKA/TIT000869000
Has Part:Weeping Rocknavigate: KKA/TIT000869001

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