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Identifier:Sony Music EPC SAMPCD 4094 2 (A 1997, Epic)role: Order number
Title:Epic CD - 4094 2
Contributor:Sony Music EPC SAMPCDrole: Record Label
Contributor:Diverserole: Performer
Date-issued:20th century CE/1990sVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:album
Has Part:Du liebst mich nichtnavigate: KKA/TIT000801473
Has Part:Feine Ideenavigate: KKA/TIT000801474
Has Part:Fall From Gracenavigate: KKA/TIT000801475
Has Part:Everytime I Close My Eyesnavigate: KKA/TIT000801476
Has Part:Sugar Coated Icebergnavigate: KKA/TIT000801477
Has Part:Gotta Be Younavigate: KKA/TIT000801478
Has Part:I´m Not Giving You Upnavigate: KKA/TIT000801479
Has Part:Just Like Younavigate: KKA/TIT000801480
Has Part:Swinging Safarinavigate: KKA/TIT000801481
Has Part:Time Goes Bynavigate: KKA/TIT000801482
Has Part:Battle Of Who Could Care Lessnavigate: KKA/TIT000801483
Has Part:Oxygenenavigate: KKA/TIT000801484
Has Part:Got It Goin´ Onnavigate: KKA/TIT000801485
Has Part:You Don´t Knownavigate: KKA/TIT000801486
Has Part:Saturday Nightnavigate: KKA/TIT000801487
Has Part:You Will Risenavigate: KKA/TIT000801488
Has Part:V2navigate: KKA/TIT000801489
Has Part:Oxygene 8navigate: KKA/TIT000801490
Has Part:Freaknavigate: KKA/TIT000801491

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