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Identifier:Sony Music EPC SAMPCD 5809 (A 1998, Epic)role: Order number
Title:Epic CD
Contributor:Sony Music EPC SAMPCDrole: Record Label
Contributor:Diverserole: Performer
Date-issued:20th century CE/1990sVocabulary: dmEras
Entity Type:album
Has Part:If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Nextnavigate: KKA/TIT000679101
Has Part:Hartreim Saga (Director's Cut)navigate: KKA/TIT000679102
Has Part:Und ich lauf (Oomph-Remix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679103
Has Part:Oyenavigate: KKA/TIT000679104
Has Part:Deeper Undergroundnavigate: KKA/TIT000679105
Has Part:I Was Wrongnavigate: KKA/TIT000679106
Has Part:All In The Familynavigate: KKA/TIT000679107
Has Part:Moneynavigate: KKA/TIT000679108
Has Part:What's Your Signnavigate: KKA/TIT000679109
Has Part:The Bad Photographernavigate: KKA/TIT000679110
Has Part:Georgy Porgy (Peter Ries Radio Edit)navigate: KKA/TIT000679111
Has Part:Nicht von dieser Welt (Director's Radio Cut)navigate: KKA/TIT000679112
Has Part:I Got U Stripped (Original Mix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679113
Has Part:Chiquitan (Radio Mix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679114
Has Part:Have You Ever (Radio Mix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679115
Has Part:Fanatic (Radio Mix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679116
Has Part:Too Many Nights (The Edit)navigate: KKA/TIT000679117
Has Part:Nie mehr Lovesongsnavigate: KKA/TIT000679118
Has Part:Rockin' This (Single Mix)navigate: KKA/TIT000679119

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