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Identifier:884385635190role: UPC
Title:Mes Comptines
Contributor:Kidzuprole: Record Label
Contributor:Kidzuprole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:43:23Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Madame la coccinellenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950779
Has Part:2 Une sorcière en colèrenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950780
Has Part:3 Frotte, frottenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950781
Has Part:4 Quelle heure est-il ?navigate: KIDZU/USA560950782
Has Part:5 Bella la baleine bleuenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950783
Has Part:6 Mon dragon bleunavigate: KIDZU/USA560950784
Has Part:7 La danse du désertnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950785
Has Part:8 Voici ma mainnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950786
Has Part:9 Ma petite maman chérienavigate: KIDZU/USA560950787
Has Part:10 Pique le cœurnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950788
Has Part:11 Trois sourisnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950789
Has Part:12 À la pêche aux moulesnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950790
Has Part:13 Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?navigate: KIDZU/USA560950791
Has Part:14 Dialoguenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950792
Has Part:15 Petit matelotnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950793
Has Part:16 La fourminavigate: KIDZU/USA560950794
Has Part:17 La famille hibou déménagenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950795
Has Part:18 Ma tante Hubertenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950796
Has Part:19 Petites annoncesnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950797
Has Part:20 La fauvette s'est mariéenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950798
Has Part:21 Comptine picotinenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950799
Has Part:22 Jamais on a vunavigate: KIDZU/USA560950800
Has Part:23 Tombe, tombe la pluienavigate: KIDZU/USA560950801
Has Part:24 Les petits poissons dans l'eaunavigate: KIDZU/USA560950802
Has Part:25 Grosse dame hippopotamenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950803
Has Part:26 Trois petits colimaçonsnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950804
Has Part:27 La grippe s'est sauvéenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950805
Has Part:28 Un, deuxnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950806
Has Part:29 La pieuvre-orchestrenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950807
Has Part:30 Mes petites mainsnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950808
Has Part:31 J'ai des poules à vendrenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950809
Has Part:32 1, 2 vl'à les œufsnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950810
Has Part:33 L'hélicoptèrenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950811
Has Part:34 Le facteur a soifnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950812
Has Part:35 Un petit chevalnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950813
Has Part:36 Pourquoi ?navigate: KIDZU/USA560950814
Has Part:37 J'ai vunavigate: KIDZU/USA560950815
Has Part:38 Pain d'épice, ma nourricenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950816
Has Part:39 Le lapin qui a du chagrinnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950817
Has Part:40 La grenouillenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950818
Has Part:41 La poule roussenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950819
Has Part:42 AÉIOUnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950820
Has Part:43 La chanson de la nutritionnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950821
Has Part:44 Le visagenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950822
Has Part:45 Gogi la girafenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950823
Has Part:46 Le fermier et le lapinnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950824
Has Part:47 8 chocolatsnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950825
Has Part:48 Une poule sur le murnavigate: KIDZU/USA560950826
Has Part:49 Petite étoilenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950827
Has Part:50 Pique, piquenavigate: KIDZU/USA560950828
Has Sample: image
Rights:2002 Kidzup Productions Inc.

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