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Identifier:843436005641role: UPC
Genre:20th/21st Century
Contributor:Joseph Pecorarorole: Record Label
Contributor:Joseph Pecorarorole: Artist
Contributor:Joseph Pecoraro (Release Artist)
Contributor:Jose Lezcano (Release Artist)
Contributor:Carlos Rafael Rivera (Release Artist)
Contributor:Sebastian Currier (Release Artist)
Contributor:Daniel Asia (Release Artist)
Contributor:David Crittenden (Release Artist)
Contributor:Charles Wuorinen (Release Artist)
Contributor:Andrew Zohn (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:59:15Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Three Goya Portraits: Goya’s Royal Familynavigate: JOPE/USA370956875
Has Part:2 Three Goya Portraits: Antonia Zaratenavigate: JOPE/USA370956876
Has Part:3 Three Goya Portraits: The Blind Guitaristnavigate: JOPE/USA370956877
Has Part:4 Canciónnavigate: JOPE/USA370956878
Has Part:5 Aquarellenavigate: JOPE/USA370956879
Has Part:6 Assertions/Reflections I: Forcefulnavigate: JOPE/USA370956880
Has Part:7 Assertions/Reflections II: Introspectivenavigate: JOPE/USA370956881
Has Part:8 Assertions/Reflections III: Emphaticnavigate: JOPE/USA370956882
Has Part:9 Three Songs of Transcendence Inavigate: JOPE/USA370956883
Has Part:10 Three Songs of Transcendence IInavigate: JOPE/USA370956884
Has Part:11 Three Songs of Transcendence IIInavigate: JOPE/USA370956885
Has Part:12 Perennials: Bittersweetnavigate: JOPE/USA370956886
Has Part:13 Perennials: Carouselnavigate: JOPE/USA370956887
Has Part:14 Perennials: Laurel Lanenavigate: JOPE/USA370956888
Has Part:15 Perennials: At Water’s Edgenavigate: JOPE/USA370956889
Has Part:16 Perennials: Winterscapenavigate: JOPE/USA370956890
Has Part:17 Perennials: Before the Stormnavigate: JOPE/USA370956891
Has Part:18 Perennials: Desert Skynavigate: JOPE/USA370956892
Has Part:19 Hexadactylnavigate: JOPE/USA370956893
Has Part:20 Balladenavigate: JOPE/USA370956894
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 CGS Enterprises

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