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Identifier:803680860601role: UPC
Title:Música Antigua para Tecla de España y el Nuevo Mundo
Description:Música antigua para clave, interpretada en clave histórico
Contributor:Irco Videorole: Record Label
Contributor:Mario Videlarole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:01:27Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Diferencias sobre El Canto del Cavalleronavigate: IRCO/ARF240225801
Has Part:2 Ensalada de 8º Tononavigate: IRCO/ARF240225802
Has Part:3 Tiento de 4º Tononavigate: IRCO/ARF240225803
Has Part:4 Obra de 7ºTononavigate: IRCO/ARF240225804
Has Part:5 Del Príncipenavigate: IRCO/ARF240225805
Has Part:6 Retirada del Emperadornavigate: IRCO/ARF240225806
Has Part:7 Giganavigate: IRCO/ARF240225807
Has Part:8 Alemandanavigate: IRCO/ARF240225808
Has Part:9 Folíasnavigate: IRCO/ARF240225809
Has Part:10 7 Sonatas - Allegronavigate: IRCO/ARF240225810
Has Part:11 7 Sonatas - Gustosonavigate: IRCO/ARF240225811
Has Part:12 7 Sonatas - Allegronavigate: IRCO/ARF240225812
Has Part:13 7 Sonatas - Largonavigate: IRCO/ARF240225813
Has Part:14 7 Sonatas - Allegronavigate: IRCO/ARF240225814
Has Part:15 7Sonatas - Andantino e gustosonavigate: IRCO/ARF240225815
Has Part:16 7 Sonatas - Allegronavigate: IRCO/ARF240225816
Has Part:17 Tocata pastorilnavigate: IRCO/ARF240225817
Has Part:18 Sonata en modo dóniconavigate: IRCO/ARF240225818
Has Part:19 Sonata en Sol mayornavigate: IRCO/ARF240225819
Has Sample: image
Rights:2003 Cosentino Producciones

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