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Identifier:669910266762role: UPC
Title:El Espíritu Del Siglo De Oro
Contributor:Irco Videorole: Record Label
Contributor:Conjunto Pro Musica Antiqua de Rosariorole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:03:27Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 L'Amor Dona Ch'Io Te Portonavigate: IRCO/ARF248527401
Has Part:2 So Ell'Enzinanavigate: IRCO/ARF248127402
Has Part:3 Ojos Garços Ha La Niñanavigate: IRCO/ARF248127403
Has Part:4 Dime Robadoranavigate: IRCO/ARF248127404
Has Part:5 Fantasía Que Contrahaze La Danza En La Manera De Ludoviconavigate: IRCO/ARF248127405
Has Part:6 Con Amores La Mi Madrenavigate: IRCO/ARF248127406
Has Part:7 De Los Álamos Vengo, Madrenavigate: IRCO/ARF248127407
Has Part:8 Niña Y Viñanavigate: IRCO/ARF248527408
Has Part:9 Propiñan De Melyornavigate: IRCO/ARF248527409
Has Part:10 Diferencias Sobre "Guárdame Las Vacas"navigate: IRCO/ARF248527410
Has Part:11 Recercada Segundanavigate: IRCO/ARF248527411
Has Part:12 El Fuegonavigate: IRCO/ARF248127412
Has Part:13 Sanctíssima Maríanavigate: IRCO/ARF248527413
Has Part:14 Salve Reginanavigate: IRCO/ARF248527414
Has Part:15 Siete Motetes - Surrexit Pastor Bonusnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527415
Has Part:16 Siete Motetes - Vere Languoresnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527416
Has Part:17 Eram Quasi Agnusnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527417
Has Part:18 Pueri Hebraeorumnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527418
Has Part:19 Siete Motetes - Ascendens Christus In Altumnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527419
Has Part:20 Siete Motetes - Ave, María, Gratia Plenanavigate: IRCO/ARF248527420
Has Part:21 Siete Motetes - O Vos Omnesnavigate: IRCO/ARF248527421
Has Sample: image
Rights:2004 Cosentino Producciones

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