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Identifier:669910024089role: UPC
Title:Home Among The Gumtrees
Genre:Art/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Popular/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Genre:Folk Music/World musicVocabulary: dmGenres
Contributor:Indigenous Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Snake Gullyrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:05:00Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Home Among The Gumtreesnavigate: INDG/AUID00500205
Has Part:2 Tomahawkin' Frednavigate: INDG/AUID00500206
Has Part:3 Click Go The Shearsnavigate: INDG/AUID00500207
Has Part:4 South Australianavigate: INDG/AUID00500208
Has Part:5 Queensland Whalersnavigate: INDG/AUID00500209
Has Part:6 Walzing Maltildanavigate: INDG/AUID00500210
Has Part:7 The Woolloomooloo Lairnavigate: INDG/AUID00500211
Has Part:8 Dennis O'reillynavigate: INDG/AUID00500212
Has Part:9 Billy Of Teanavigate: INDG/AUID00500213
Has Part:10 Shores Of Botany Baynavigate: INDG/AUID00500214
Has Part:11 Fannie Baynavigate: INDG/AUID00500215
Has Part:12 Flash Jack From Gundagainavigate: INDG/AUID00500216
Has Part:13 A Long The Road To Gundagainavigate: INDG/AUID00500217
Has Part:14 Botany Baynavigate: INDG/AUID00500218
Has Part:15 The Palmer River Songnavigate: INDG/AUID00500219
Has Part:16 Brisbane Ladiesnavigate: INDG/AUID00500220
Has Part:17 Lach lan Tigersnavigate: INDG/AUID00500221
Has Sample: image
Rights:2005 Indigenous Records

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