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Identifier:885686038512role: UPC
Genre:Chamber Music
Contributor:Gega Newrole: Record Label
Contributor:Belina Kostadinovarole: Artist
Contributor:Haydn.Chopin.Liszt.Bartok (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:58:45Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Sonata D major; Allegronavigate: GGN/BGA140802881
Has Part:2 Sonata D major; Adagionavigate: GGN/BGA140802882
Has Part:3 Sonata D major;Finale-Prestonavigate: GGN/BGA140802883
Has Part:4 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No1 in C major ,Allegronavigate: GGN/BGA140802884
Has Part:5 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 2 in A minor,Allegronavigate: GGN/BGA140802885
Has Part:6 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 3 in E major,Lento ma non tropponavigate: GGN/BGA140802886
Has Part:7 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 4 in C-sharp minor, Prestonavigate: GGN/BGA140802887
Has Part:8 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 5 in G-flat major, Vivacenavigate: GGN/BGA140802888
Has Part:9 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 6 in E-flat minor, Andantenavigate: GGN/BGA140802889
Has Part:10 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No8 in F major, Allegronavigate: GGN/BGA140802891
Has Part:11 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 9 in F minor, Allegretto molto agitatonavigate: GGN/BGA140802892
Has Part:12 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 10 in A-flat major, Vivace assainavigate: GGN/BGA140802893
Has Part:13 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 11 in E-flat major, Allegrettonavigate: GGN/BGA140802894
Has Part:14 12 Etudes,op.10; Etude No 12 in C minor, Allegro con fuoconavigate: GGN/BGA140802895
Has Part:15 Funeraillesnavigate: GGN/BGA140802896
Has Part:16 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm, Inavigate: GGN/BGA140802897
Has Part:17 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm, Inavigate: GGN/BGA140802898
Has Part:18 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm, IIInavigate: GGN/BGA140802899
Has Part:19 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm,IVnavigate: GGN/BGA140802900
Has Part:20 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm,Vnavigate: GGN/BGA140802901
Has Part:21 Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm,VInavigate: GGN/BGA140802902
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 Gega New Ltd.

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